Tollovid™ Testimonials

Ken on January 9, 2022


"WORKS...Never used this before and bought the daily and took with me when I went out of the country during Christmas, on the 2nd day had a cough, sore throat, headache was sweating at night , tripled the dose and was better in a couple of days ! i know have both of Tollovid AND Tollovid Daily."


Adrian Robinson on January 7, 2022


"Started feeling sick... took Tollovid. Next day back to normal."

Gustavo Chavez on December 5, 2021


"I really like the supplement. Using as an immune system enhancer and have noticed less pain in my knee and heel. Possibly helping with some inflammation. I expected to feel more pain as I have just started working out again after a 2 year break. Is this helping recovery from my workouts ? It seems so, as it is the only change and I have worked out with weights my whole life. At 56 feeling pretty good."

Cliff Hunter on November 21, 2021


"I've had some cold symptoms the last couple of weeks which seem to be lingering forever, and after only a couple days of taking Tollovid daily, it seemed to put me over the hump and now it seems that every day my symptoms are less than the previous day. I will definitely continue to take this supplement even after I kick this cold, to ensure that my immune system is in tip top shape as we approach the winter temps here."

JM on November 17, 2021


"Only oral active 3CL protease inhibitor on the market and it's made from natural ingredients. This [supplement] also has anti-cytokine properties. That is a storm I don't want. Cheap insurance and less than my copay for the ER..."

J. Reese on November 14, 2021


"A 5-day dosing regimen of Tollovid, from all the research I have done on 3CL Protease inhibitors, should keep the [infection] from replicating to the point I need hospitalization. A small price to pay for my health."

Dan on October 2, 2021


"Great defense! It’s time the strengthen your immune system! I had the starting of a cold, I took 2 pills in one day as instructed and gone! I feel great! I’m sending 2 bottles to my kids in college who are getting colds due to poor ventilation. I’ll report back of results."

Anonymous on September 27, 2021


"Excited to boost my immune system and not worry anymore in unmasked situations!!! Work in retail and desired extra protection against illness during uncertain times. The pill has no taste! Shipped fast."

Keegan B. on January 12, 2021


"I believe Tollovid helps ... When I found out I tested positive, I immediately ordered a bottle of Tollovid. I took 6 capsules a day, and I believe it helped me in the fight against this disease. I am fortunate to have known about this product because I do believe it gave me an advantage to a quick recovery... All around very impressed and shipping was fast!"

Daren on January 12, 2021


"This stuff works against [infections]! I heard about this from a coworker. I guess it stops the [infections] from spreading in your body. Great supplement! I will buy again!"

Michael B. on December 8, 2020


"I believe in this product! My family and I were directly exposed a few weeks ago, we had just started taking Tollovid and no one in my family contracted it while the other family we were with all ended up positive and sick. While there is no way of proving it was because of taking Tollovid, I’m grateful we were on it and will continue to take it."

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